Why do we validate?

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Why do we validate?

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I know people will fight to prove validation is required,validation is good and blah blah…….

But when some proof is asked , nobody was able to convince me.Few answers-

  • More control over datatype.
  • More control over expressions entered.
  • Correct data stored.
  • The most funny answer that i heard was “I did it in past projects so it should be done in every project”.

If i say, 10 years back, people were not tech-savvy, so doing validations and showing validation messages was good .Opposite to that , if we analyze today’s user, then I am sure people knows what to enter and should be given freedom from validation.

I really would like someone to experiment by removing validation from websites and bring some innovation. I would be much more happy, if a site, asks me for my details, must tell me where they are going to use that detail instead of I filling all the necessary details for ex: if a site is asking me to enter my date of birth then a short message like ‘We will send you birthday greetings” would provide a better user experience and might prompt me to enter my date of birth.

I remember, i tried to register to few sites and there were quite a good number of fields to fill. This long process tired me up and I left the registration in the middle. In other similar case,there were so many validations that i got pissed off and left. It created a very negative user experience. In this world where in each second,thousands of sites getting live, you might lose your user in 5 seconds just because of some   extra unnecessary fields or negative validation messages.

I would suggest to put a field in your website only if it is utmost importance and give a proper explanation as why you are capturing it. User should be easily comprehended with it and please avoid any kind of validation. Let user decide what information they want to provide.

Its only about removing all negative impressions from your website to provide comfortable experience to user. if telecom companies can offer “Made for You” package then we can also do the same. :)

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  1. nice superb explaination

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  2. thanks for the tutorial
    I am having a problem.
    The feature “Create SQL server database” isn’t available , I can’t select it.
    Can you help, please ?

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