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When I visit a company for interview, I always ask myself few questions, if selected,why would i join this company? what is different here?

I have some nice experiences which satisfied me with my above mentioned questions. Lets see,

  • Welcome tea and lunch surely can fill our tummy and satisfy our mind. :)
  • Minor things like removing time constraint, providing hints.
  • Easy Interaction with people at all level especially higher ones.
  • Work environment, if it appears creative and innovative then its a plus point.

Same applies to the websites which we visit daily, and there are many user experience(UX) ingredients which have become a necessary part expected from a good website.

  • Go to any content based website, you will expect the content to appear automatically at the bottom while you are scrolling down. In my website also, I have placed a button at the bottom, if you want to load more content.
  • Go to a slide show and though you will find prev and next button to move the slides but still its easier to click anywhere on the right side to move the show to ‘next’ slide and similarly click on left side anywhere to move the show to ‘prev’ slide. Its a very nice user-friendly feature and does not limit user to click only on specified buttons.
  • Search suggestion, Google made it popular and now used by every site and one of the major expectation of every user.
  • Recall, when you hover on an item like menu and it shows all the sub-menus, simple and best.
  • Nowadays, sites are removing ‘submit’ button at some places like while submitting comments,you just have to press enter on your keyboard.

One more important that does not count into user experience but still plays a role in expressing users their opinion by either liking it or sharing it. These are social plugins like Facebook ‘like’, Google plus circles, tweets etc.

I request you all to please share more examples to help me in consolidating one proper list. Thanks!

Author: hershey

A passion for knowledge drives me to do programming, A passion for programming drives me to create something different, A passion for creation drives me to spread the knowledge.

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  1. nice superb explaination

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  2. thanks for the tutorial
    I am having a problem.
    The feature “Create SQL server database” isn’t available , I can’t select it.
    Can you help, please ?

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