InvalidCastException, As and Is operator

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InvalidCastException, As and Is operator

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When we try to cast or convert an object, we sometimes fall into the trap of InvalidCastException.

What is InvalidCastException?

InvalidCastException: This exception is thrown when there is invalid casting operation.

MSDN says

InvalidCastException is thrown if:

  •   For a conversion from a Single or a Double to a Decimal, the source value is infinity, Not-a-Number (NaN), or too large to be represented as the destination type.
  •  A failure occurs during an explicit reference conversion.

How can we avoid InvalidCastException?

We have operators like “ is” and “as” which can be used to avoid cast failures or determine the case success without causing an exception.

Is operator

The “is” operator returns only a Boolean value. This operator is mainly used to match an object’s type.It is not involved in actual cast operation.

if (Adam is Employee)
Employee Adin = (Employee)Adam;

As operator

The “as” operator is used for actual cast operation where it returns the cast value if there is no exception and the cast is a success.

Employee Adin = Adam as Employee;

Note: The “as” operator more efficient .

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