Interview : a question mark?

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Interview : a question mark?

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I like going for interviews for two simple reasons:

  • I found that this is the simplest way to remain updated with the latest knowledge.

If we look at the IT trend, daily new software are getting launched and technologies are getting updated.It is a bit difficult to predict which technology is going to be considered as the next hot skill.

Although blogs,tech news, forum discussions keeps us updated about new arrivals and their positives and negatives but an interview can only indicate what is the latest skill, companies or organizations are expecting from the candidate.

  • It definitely tells us where we stand.

I can recall few questions which simply put a question mark on my knowledge. They are basic questions but got neglected during the preparation. These questions were asked during .Net,c# interview.

  1. Write 15 control names which you have used in your project. I was able to recall some 12-13 control although i have used many more controls.
  2. HTML generated for controls like Timer, dropdownlist etc.
  3. Message codes like 404,301,200.
  4. Abstract class can be written same as Interface with all methods as abstract then what is the difference.
  5. If given a choice, which project you will create ‘website’ or ‘webapplication’ and why?
  6. Why we are still worried about memory consumption, when garbage collection is there?
  7. Write few examples from your project where you have applied OOP?

These questions are not difficult but requires some basic attention during the development. What say?

Author: hershey

A passion for knowledge drives me to do programming, A passion for programming drives me to create something different, A passion for creation drives me to spread the knowledge.

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  1. nice superb explaination

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  2. thanks for the tutorial
    I am having a problem.
    The feature “Create SQL server database” isn’t available , I can’t select it.
    Can you help, please ?

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