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Few lines on Exploratory testing


Few lines on Exploratory testing

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What is Exploratory testing?

Exploratory testing by far is an approach to run and learn where testers do not create test cases beforehand. They usually gets acquainted with the system first.

It provides a learning opportunity to the testers where they need to think before they begin creating or applying any test case. This is more of an ad-hoc approach where testers get a free hand on the system. Plus, this learning helps to write the test cases on the run.

Why Exploratory testing? What is the need?

Need is the current trend which says to identify bugs before the actual testing. Current trend emphasizes on the learning than the actual implementation. It is more about the Improvement which can be brought into the system beforehand.

Exploratory testing is run by the data in hand and not the scripts. This approach widens the scope of testing. It helps the testers to understand the system, explore the system and reach the unexplored territories.

With Exploratory testing, less preparation is required, important bugs are found quickly, and provides space for run-time learning.

How Exploratory testing is different from Scripted testing?

Scripted testing has many advantages like re usability, compliance and result oriented but when we compare it with exploratory testing; we know that, with scripted testing, testers always have test cases ready with them before they begin the testing. This limits their scope and they just need to compare the actual results with expected results.

There is no dynamic learning and always a chance of random and sudden tweaks/ improvement in the testing approach.


Both the approaches have their own advantages and shortcomings and both approaches exhibits same efficiency and result fulfillment. But we know, in some way, exploratory testing empathize learning and adaptability.

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