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Error-Resolved : Too Many Redirects.

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Error-Resolved : Too Many Redirects.

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During Deployment, We faced one error “There are too many redirects happening……”  while navigating to login page. We first felt that this is an issue related to certificate header and can be resolved by setting the parameter ‘ssl=true’ in the header.

After banging head for many hours and a night out, the issue got resolved. I thought this resolution might help others also so posting it here. This issue is related to the load balancer where HTTP profile value has to be set up as ssl_header from the dropdown.

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load-balancer configuration

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  1. nice superb explaination

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  2. thanks for the tutorial
    I am having a problem.
    The feature “Create SQL server database” isn’t available , I can’t select it.
    Can you help, please ?

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