Caching in WCF Services

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Caching in WCF Services

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Yes, It is possible and clearly a  significant performance enhancement.

How caching works for WCF services?

Lets assume, a user sends a request to a service so at server, service method is called and response is sent back to the user.

Now, when we configure caching at service, then the service method is not called, instead a cached response is sent back.

If the cache expires, the next time service method is called and the response is again cached.

How caching is implemented in WCF services?

1) Mandatory Configuration: Enable ASP.NET compatibility mode in the Web.config file

<serviceHostingEnvironment aspNetCompatibilityEnabled="true" />

 2) Attach a Cache Profile: Cache Profile settings are maintained in web.config under system.web settings

CustomCache" duration="120" varyByParam="none" />
  • Attributes of the cache profile are: Duration and varyByParam
  • Duration: Time duration for which the response is cached.
  • varyByParam: Separate cached responses for different query parameters.

3)  AspNetCacheProfile attribute

First, Enable AspNetCompatibilityRequirementsAttribute and set RequirementsMode to Allowed or Required. The default value is NotAllowed.

This attribute is applied to a service so that the service can run in ASP.NET compatibility code.

Next, Apply AspNetCacheProfileAttribute to a service operation. This attribute specifies a cache profile name. In our case, Cache profile name is “CustomCache” which we declared in web.config earlier.


public class CalculatorService
[WebGet(UriTemplate = "?num={num}")]
public int Calculate(int num)
// Do Calculation.


There is more to caching like SQL Cache Dependency. WCF service may depend on data stored in a SQL database so when data in the SQL database table changes, it may require to recreate the cache.

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