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About CodeSpread

Welcome to CodeSpread!

CodeSpread is created with the sole aim of distributing real-time experiences/situations faced by the developers which are resolved by applying knowledge,creativity and imagination . Focused areas of the developers are the  problems which varies from understanding the technology themselves, to making the managers/clients understand the background of the problem in simple terms.

Although, we always have mix of solution but we face the biggest challenge while explaining it to users belonging to different genres so before our first word, we have to think,think and think about the solution according to users’ different genres and once in thousand thoughts emerges as an apt scenario for that genre and same can be used to explain the problem/solution to them.

We welcome all suggestions and articles which follows the same theme of knowledge,creativity and imagination. Please give your experience here, to share the real-time knowledge, and not just tutorials and guides.

We believe in ‘simple concepts’.



  1. the site is really good.

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  2. I saw your website through questions on StackOverflow.com and thought I’d check it out.
    The concept looks good and encouraging. Nice…

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    • Thanks Nick!

      Please share your inputs/feedback for improvement.

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  3. So far, the topics that I read is everything that I know about software design, which is different from just “programming”. Good site!

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    • Thanks! There are lot of good sites available to teach programming so we thought to reach the other side of a developer which is much more important than programming.

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  4. I found this site a few days ago, and I have read some of the articles here, and fount them rather interesting. I decided to follow you on G+.

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    • Thanks Claudio! We are very happy to hear, that you liked our content. If you have any feedback/suggestions to share,please mail it to admin@codespread.com.

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